A digital wealth solution for banks and credit unions

Nest Egg is a wealth management system built to support institutions in providing their clients a flexible, contemporary platform for financial services. Whether you’re looking to start a new financial services program or convert an existing one, Nest Egg can provide your customers an industry-leading experience.

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Technology enabled advice delivers better outcomes

Nest Egg uses technology, data and Virtual Advisers on-demand to to deliver a multi-channel solution for your clients. Our data driven processes create a repeatable, reliable client experience you can be confident in. We provide real-time Customer Experience Scores and Net Promoter scores to monitor results.

Investing made easy

Every client starts with a financial plan that generates a customized investment solution tailored for each client's specific goal. The account opening process is completely digital and each client receives an online portal to track their goals, review their investments and engage with their adviser.

Investment for everyone
Open an account with as little as $1,000
On-demand advisers
Engage your customers when they’re most interested
Stronger client relationship
NPS scores much higher than industry benchmarks
AI-driven marketing
Leverage data analytics for scalable, targeted communications
Better economics
Scalable model allows for higher revenue to the institution

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